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RITZ FOOD PRODUCT CORPORATION started manufacturing biscuits in 1982. It was then known as Asian Biscuit Corporation, a Philippine owned company that ventured into partnership with the KHONG GUAN BISCUIT FACTORY of Singapore. This venture led Khong Guan to manufacture its brand of biscuits and crackers in the Philippines. Khong Guan is known worldwide, having been awarded one of the highly distinctive and most outstanding gold medal awards in the Monde Selection held in Spain. Each of the following biscuits won a gold medal: 

  • Sultana biscuits
  • Small Marie
  • Iced Gem
  • Creamy Chocolate
  • Cream Cracker

Khong Guan biscuits became known in the local and international market as the one of the top makers of biscuits and other food snacks. They have lived up to their slogan up to this day: 
“First in Quality, First in Value, First in Freshness”

In 1994, at a time when major changes took place in its corporate image and business direction, Asian Biscuits Corp. changed its company name to RITZ FOOD PRODUCT CORPORATION. It was also a turning point for the company that produced foreign branded biscuits. Faced with tough competition in the business and determined to establish its name as one of the leading biscuit manufacturers in the country, Ritz Food Product Corp. expanded their production line in 1997 and included new product lines such as Wafers and Chocolate Coated biscuits (such as Choco Sticks, Gold label to name a few) to its already wide array of baked products.

Not content with the success of its Khong Guan product label, Ritz Food Product Corp. made another significant move in 1998.

The company began formulation and development of its own line of biscuits and shifted to manufacturing new products such as candies and chocolates. The brand RICH GARDEN was created and featured these products and included a new line of biscuits. It was this move that opened more possibilities in bringing Philippine made products to the international market.

The move that took place was followed by a fulfillment of Ritz’ vision in 1999 when Ritz Food Product Corp. started exporting biscuits, candies and confectioneries to Saipan, California and Abu Dhabi.

Located at Brgy. Sto. Tomas, Biñan, Laguna, just south of Manila, is the company's manufacturing plant that operates six days a week with a work force of about 200 employees at the helm of the production and packaging processes. All highly trained technical, production and packaging personnel work under strict supervision in order to produce good quality results. Strict quality control measures ensure that optimal standards and product specifications are met from the raw materials to the finished products.

Today, RITZ FOOD PRODUCT CORPORATION markets its various food snacks under these two brands:



RITZ continues its mission and vison in providing delicious, innovative and affordable snacks for our local consumers and to the international markets.



mission and vision

RITZ FOOD PRODUCT CORPORATION continues to pursue its VISION of becoming a world class food company, motivated and driven by its MISSION to provide consumers with high quality products at competitive cost.

Halal certified

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